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information system Characteristics of Good Information SystemIn running business, using information systems to facilitate works is crucial to improve productivity. Employees have to access, manage, input, and manipulate data in a system to track and handle all business progress like inventory, cash flow, invoicing, sales, and many more. Thus, IT division in a business corporate has important role and responsibility to create reliable and powerful applications to let other divisions run the system very well.  Here are the main characteristics of a good information system:

  • Accessible. Accessibility is the main requirement of information system because all authorized users have to access the system first to do their works. The system must be designed accessibly so the employees can do the jobs through desktop/gadget, software, and internet network easily.
  • Accurate. Of course, information system must be accurate in calculating and showing the information because a business may even get loss if there is any inaccurate data or calculation. Wrong data or information in an information system will impact the result and even make worse because managers surely tend to make wrong decision.
  • Simple. Using information system is intended to simplify business works. Thus, it must be designed and created simply to allow all authorized users access the system to manipulate data easily because they’ll get confused to do their works if they use a complex system.
  • Flexible. It’s essential to have a flexible information system that can be used by all divisions in a company to see valuable and important information. For example, people in production division need to see outgoing products in sales database so they can keep producing timely and estimate the products amount to be produced.
  • Secure. Only authorized users are able to input and manipulate data so there must be username and password required for them to access the information. Information system that has good security will keep all data including customers’ data, cash flow, etc.

Last but not least, apart from creating good information systems based on some characteristics above, IT people are also highly responsible for monitoring how the end users use the systems. Does it work very well? Do all users can access the system? Is it able to be accessed 24/7? It’s a must for IT people to monitor like Citrix monitoring because it must work very well to allow certain employees access the application anytime and anywhere virtually.

Thus, IT division that creates good applications and keeps monitoring the system’s performance will be able to lead business into a success.

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